23 May

Mercury jewellery brand partners with famous horserace «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio». Results.

On May 21st at the Central Moscow Hippodrome long-awaited social event: horserace «Grand Prix radio Monte Carlo», has collected stars of show business, sportsmen and representatives of business elite. 

The event, organized by radio station Monte Carlo, has once again proven its status of the main social event in the capital. Despite the rain, guests impeccably followed a strict dress code of the race. Gorgeous stylish suits, elegant dresses, expensive jewelry and, of course, a variety of hats.

Official partner and creator of all prizes for the winners of the races «Grand Prix radio Monte Carlo» was a Mercury jewelry company, known for its sophisticated products made of gold with carefully selected precious gems. The professionalism and skill of Italian masters were embodied in exquisite cups, covered with silver and gold. This award was a worthy recognition of the agility shown by the best riders, as well as speed and endurance of thoroughbreds.

A lot of famous guests visited the «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio» races: Kristina Orbakaite, Daria Mikhalkova, Alla Verber with family, Elena Letuchaya, Viktoriya Shelyagova, Eugeniya Kim, Arkadiy Ukupnik with wife and daughter, Elena Sever with sons Vladimir and Urkiss, Uriy Antonov, Viktoriya Dayneko, Ekaterina Odintcova, Konstantin Andrikopulos and others.