12 May

May 21th - Mercury jewellery brand partners with famous horserace «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio»

On May 21th, at the Central Moscow Hippodrome a legendary «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio» horseracing will take place - this is a main social event of the year. In the thirteenth time radio Monte Carlo will hit metropolitan elite with an exquisite technique.

During its existence Race «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio» won the title of the most refined, elegant and gorgeous secular event in Moscow. Founded in the best traditions of the world-famous royal horse racing at Ascot, event held by radio Monte Carlo, gathers representatives of the Russian elite: actors, musicians, athletes, businessmen, politicians and socialite at the Moscow Hippodrome. One of the hallmarks of the Grand Prix was that guests come to the racetrack with their families, and even the youngest guests of the race appeared in elegant hats, following a strict dress code.

On May 21th, at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, few thoroughbreds’ races are waiting for guests. Among them, competition of Thoroughbred breed race horses, trotting breeds, power jumps, as well as a barrier jump, in which 3 years and older stallions and mares thoroughbreds will participate at a distance of 1800 meters.

Our partners of the race will offer you contests and lotteries as well as delicious menu. For younger guests, the Grand Prix will host traditional pony rides, from year to year resulting in to the children's excitement, and a cozy children's playground with intricate games. One of the main intrigues of the social events is to choose the most stylish guest «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio», which will receive an exclusive gift from race's organizers and partners.

All prizes for the «Grand Prix Monte Carlo radio» races are made by Mercury jewelry company. Brand was established in 2015 and has already earned international recognition for using high quality gems for its products. Years of experience and professionalism of Italian designers makes the creation of jewelry made of gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds possible. In 2015, Mercury brand was awarded with the prestigious «Best of the Best» award from Robb Report's magazine as the most successful jewelry project of the year.

We are waiting for you at the unique and wonderful secular reception of spring!