8 December

Mercury Company and Cirque du Soleil present New Year's Eve in the concert hall «Barvikha Luxury Village»

New Year's Eve in the concert hall «Barvikha Luxury Village» promises to be the most luxurious and magical! From the first minutes of the evening you will plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the New Year.

Mercury jewelry brand and Cirque du Soleil are presenting for the first time a special New Year's show JOEL for the Russian public in the concert hall «Barvikha Luxury Village». Name of the show JOEL («Yule») comes from the Scandinavian «hjol», which means "wheel" and represents the next turn of the wheel of time, bringing us back to the ancient traditions of celebrating New Year by Scandinavian and Germanic peoples.

The JOEL show tells us the story of modern Snow Maiden, who appeared in the shrouded in snow enchanting world inhabited by incredible creatures on the New Year's Eve, where a myriad of cold stars will show the way to her love. Neverland, a breathtaking journey, impressive acrobatics - is a world of JOEL. How wood elves, guarding the limits of a snow-covered forest, will help the girl to find herself? Will the Snow Queen honor us with her presence on the New Year's ball? And will blizzard awake an Ice Giant?

Guests of the New Year's night in the concert hall «Barvikha Luxury Village» will have a unique opportunity - to meet with the characters of the show JOEL first in Russia and see their best scenes in a special "New Year" feed from Cirque du Soleil: The Snow Queen will announce the beginning of the ball, your neighbor, strolling on the lobby can be a character of the show, and at midnight will bring an explosion of emotion from the Cirque du Soleil. All the festive New Year's Eve program is riddled with a sense of the fantastic tales of snow created by the show JOEL. From the first minutes of the evening you will plunge into the Christmas atmosphere: the lobby of the concert hall will be decorated with decorations in the style of the wizard world, crafted by Cirque du Soleil, the artists will present acrobatics, and you, at that time, will be able to enjoy the beauty and luster of Mercury jewelry, executed in classic design and inspired by the natural beauty of gems - diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.